Tatiana Gutierrez
Tatiana Guiterrez
Biographical Information
Date of Birth:April 5
Status:Alive (STEM manifestation)

Alive (reality)

Member of MOBIUS
Physical Description
Height:5'9 (174 cm)
Mass:123 lbs (56 kg)
Other Information
Appearance(s):The Evil Within
The Consequence
English Voice:Julie Granata
Japanese Voice:Kikuko Inoue
"This place is necessary for you. You're always welcomed here."
—Tatiana introducing the hospital to Sebastian.

Tatiana Gutierrez is a supporting character that appears in The Evil Within.

Gameplay/ The Evil Within Edit

Tatiana appears as a Beacon Mental Hospital nurse that resides in the Safe Haven which Sebastian can access via broken mirrors. She also introduces Sebastian to the Upgrade Chair that allows him to upgrade his abilities using Green Gel, and shows him the lockers that he can open with various keys found in the game, yielding items and equipment.

Story Edit

Tatiana is a nurse in the locked ward at Beacon Mental Hospital. She is presumably a hallucination rather than a trapped subject like the main protagonists of the game, as she is only ever seen whilst inside STEM, appears unconcerned with her surroundings and is never seen outside of Sebastian's safe haven area. She also has some form of connection with Sebastian or his past, since she's unique to the areas of STEM influenced by his own memories or nightmares.

It is unclear who she may be, although a missing Persons poster appears in Sebastian's safe haven with her photo and description, which explains that she disappeared one night while working a late shift at the mental hospital. After finding this Tatiana disappears for the remainder of the game.

It is unclear as to whether Tatiana is someone from Sebastian's past, or rather that the missing persons poster is an actual poster from the real world in the police department, and he's subconsciously drawn on that to recreate her in his STEM fantasy.

It should be noted in model viewer it explains she was a nurse in the locked ward who became emotionaly dead. However it is possible this is wrong as a nurse who wears the same clothes and similar hair can be seen dead at the front office of beacon when in the "real world"

The Consequence Edit

In the beginning of The Consequence Juli wakes up for the first time in the Safe Haven and meets Tatiana for the first time as well. When Juli asks where she is and who Tatiana is, she responds to her saying the same thing as she said to Sebastian "that she can not answer those questions". Juli is annoyed by this and explores the area a bit more.

At the end of the The Consequence, Gutierrez is shown interacting with The Administrator, hinting at the fact that she may be a member of MOBIUS. She appears with her hair down and is wearing a black suit much like Myra Hanson who also appears in wearing a black suit.

Trivia Edit

  • Although she is of Hispanic descent, "Tatiana" is a Slavic name.
  • If one waits at the Title Screen when starting the game they will see Tatiana pass outside the door.
  • Tatiana was planned to sell items and upgrades to Sebastian in a role similar to that of the Merchant in Resident Evil 4, but this was later scrapped when Tango came up with the idea of the chair and Green Gel.
  • Tatiana is quite popular with staff members at Tango.
  • Tatiana's outfit is similar to that of Lisa Garland, a nurse in the Silent Hill series.


Concept ArtEdit



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