TEW baby

The Babies are small enemies encountered in Chapter 8 and Chapter 14 of The Evil Within.


The Babies are actually are not babies, but rather very small AlterEgos. They also share the same model, but with the difference of a missing leg. That being said, while they share the model, they do not share the same attacks. Babies, when noticing Sebastian, will launch themselves up into his face, dealing minor damage and killing themselves in the process. Babies are also not capable of walking; they only crawl on the ground.


There is very little strategy in killing this type of enemy. One can simply stomp them for an instant kill, since their health is so low. Groups can also be killed with a flash bolt en masse, since Babies almost always appear in large groups. Shooting them with other weapons will only unnecessarily waste bullets.

There is only one instance where Babies appear in tandem with other enemies, which is the middle of Chapter 8, when they appear on the ground around two AlterEgos.


  • Babies take an unusually long time to notice the player. They also give up searching for the player (if they hide) much more quickly than other enemies in the game.
  • Due to their small size, Babies have a tendency to crawl under props in a level, making clearing out areas more difficult.

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