The Consequence
TheConsequence 2

Developer:Tango Gameworks
Publisher:Bethesda Softworks
Director:John Johanas
Engine:id Tech 5
Released:April 21, 2015
Genre:Survival Horror
Platforms:Microsoft Windows, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Media:Digital Download

The Consequence is the second DLC for The Evil Within, as well as the second and final part of the two-part DLC, the first being The Assignment. It revolves around Juli Kidman, continuing the plot from The Assignment as well as revealing more from Juli's past. This DLC will also allow Juli to defend herself more. It was released on April 21st 2015. 

Plot Edit

Chapter 3: Illusions The Chapter starts with Juli waking up in the Safe Haven and meeting Tatiana. After that she explores the area seeing Shade,The Administrator, Ivan Diaz, Leslie Withers, Sebastian Castellanos, and Ruvik before being able to leave. When she does she ends up back at the MOBIUS headquarters. She decides to go the bottom floor to the STEM terminal because she thinks Leslie is heading there.

Along the way she learns more about Ruvik's relationship with Mobius and the way they treated him. She once again runs from Shade and then heads to the terminal. When she gets there she's led back to Krimson City and goes through the police department. She sees memories of Sebastian and Joseph from their earlier days until recently. After this she begins feeling sympathy for Sebastian.

After that she heads out into Krimson towards Beacon Mental Hospital. Along the way she battles and defeats Shade. Then she meets back up with Sebastian who gets turned into a haunted by Ruvik. She manages to save Sebastian and find Leslie. However The Administrator chases her until she gets to a school bus that has both Sebastian and Joseph in it. She starts the bus and drives away, looking back to see the Heresy land on top of The Administrator.

Chapter 4: A Ghost is Born

Gameplay Edit

This DLC primarily focuses on stealth and avoiding confrontation if possible. However, Kidman does get access to a semi-automatic handgun and a sawed-off shotgun later on, making this DLC more action-oriented than The Assignment. Similar to The Assignment, there are also many puzzles for Kidman to solve in order for her to get through areas or open Keeper safes. New features include pushing enemies off ledges and using chemical lights in some areas instead of the flashlight.

Trivia Edit

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