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Throughout the chapters there are hidden collectibles. These include research documents, personnel files, torn letter pieces, tracks for the music player and models for the model viewer. Torn Letter pieces are in safes that look like The Keeper's head. Tracks look like a Gold Record with the Tango Gameworks logo, and models appear as a snail that you must focus your flashlight on until it turns into the Tango Gameworks logo.

Chapter 3: Illusions Edit

After being transported to the Safe Haven, turn around, the safe is on the table and the combination is on the wall by the door. Enter the outer circle first and work your way in.

Look into the lit up cell and after the man leaves it will be on the stool he was sitting on.

At the bottom of the stairs, past the red sofa, are some counters. It's on the back left corner counter.

After getting the track, head through the security door. It's on the desk across from where you entered.

In the sink on the left wall, after picking up the flashlight in the room with the gigantic eyes.

After leaving the eye room, it's on a desk to your left. Simply match the blood patterns.

Once through the giant locked puzzle door, it's on a shelf to your right.

In Krimson City Police Department, it's on the desk opposite of Joseph's.

In the interrogation room, just down the hall from Sebastian's office, look through the two-way mirror to find the combination.

In Sebastian's office for the 3rd time, on the table by the exit door.

In Sebastian's office for the 3rd time, in the open suitcase.

After crossing the scaffolding, it's on an electrical box to your right with a red warning light close by.

Pinned to wall with a knife in the hotel.

To the left of a vending machine, light up all the buttons in only 5 moves.

In the vending machine beside Letter Scrap 4.

Chapter 4: A Ghost is Born Edit

After going through the elevator shaft/vent, it's on a table to your right.

After rescuing Leslie, use your flashlight to reveal a door labelled Staff Only. The red number is directly in front of you under the air conditioner. The yellow number is on the keeper modern art to your left. And the blue number is on a white board in the small room with the washing machines.

After jumping down, Kidman calls out to Leslie, turn right. It's at the end of the hall on a ladder.

On a table next to the red sofa.

After using the hotel key card, slip into the elevator and it's on the left wall.

After Leslie saves you from Ruvik, check the dumbwaiter. Light all the buttons in only 6 moves.

After you hear about Leslie's past, it's at the end of the hall on a shelf.

Just down the hall from research document #7, under the stairs.

It's on a shelf in the back area of the butcher's room. The combination on the wall behind some shelves and crates.

Near the end of the sewers in the same room as the Ruvik Doppelganger.

On a table beside the red sofa before descending the escalator.

After descending the escalator you'll be outside, it's around the corner to your right.

Enter Beacon Mental Hospital, go in the open door on your right to find it on a desk.

In phase 3 of the final boss fight, it's on the pillar to your far right.

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