The Evil Within 2 known as Psychobreak 2 (サイコブレイク2 ,Saikobureiku 2?)is a survival horror/psychological thriller video game developed by Tango Gameworks, and published by Bethesda. It is a direct sequel to The Evil Within and was developed on a modified id Tech 5 engine.

Shinji Mikami served as a consultant, as John Johanas took over duties as game director.


This section contains plot spoilers.
Three years after the events at Beacon Mental Hospital, Sebastian Castellanos has left the Krimson City Police Department and continues to be haunted by his experiences at Beacon, the disappearance of his wife Myra, and the death of his daughter Lily in a house fire. Sebastian is then approached by former partner and Mobius agent Juli Kidman, who reveals to him that Lily is still alive since Mobius faked her death. However, Mobius now needs Sebastian's help in saving her. Sebastian is brought to a secret Mobius facility where he meets the Administrator, who further explains that Lily is being used as the Core for a new STEM system to simulate an idyllic town called Union. However, some time ago, Mobius lost contact with Lily and their agents inside Union, and they no longer have any control over the STEM. Sebastian reluctantly agrees to help Mobius so that he has a chance to save Lily and enters the STEM.

Upon entering Union, Sebastian quickly finds that the town has been turned into a nightmare realm where all of the inhabitants have either been killed or mutated into bloodthirsty monsters. In addition, Sebastian witnesses a mysterious photographer with supernatural powers hunting down and murdering Mobius operatives. He manages to meet Liam O'Neal, a surviving Mobius agent who helps Sebastian track Lily's whereabouts. As Sebastian follows her trail, he realizes that Lily has been kidnapped by the photographer, who reveals himself as Stephano Valentini, a serial killer who had managed to infiltrate Union. Another surviving Mobius operative, Yukiko Hoffman, explains that Stephano's status as a pyschopath gives him a measure of control over the STEM, granting him his powers. Sebastian tracks down Stephano, who reveals that he had originally kidnapped Lily under orders from another party, but decided to keep her for himself to exploit her powers as the Core. Sebastian kills Stephano, but is shocked to see Myra spirit Lily away.

Sebastian is then approached by Father Theodore Wallace, who attempts to convince Sebastian to join him to seize Lily from Myra since Stephano betrayed him. Sebastian, mistrustful of Theodore, refuses and is banished to a forest outside Union where he meets with Esmeralda Torres. She reveals to him that she, Kidman, Theodore, and Myra had conspired to break Lily out of STEM and destroy Mobius from within. However, the plan went awry when Theodore decided to kidnap Lily for himself. Sebastian goes to check on O'Neal to find a new lead but discovers that he has already been corrupted by Theodore. Sebastian rescues Hoffman from O'Neal and is forced to kill him, though O'Neal tells them how to find Theodore with his dying breath. Sebastian and Esmeralda assault Theodore's realm, but the attack fails when Theodore disables Sebastian by using his own guilt and self doubt against him. Sebastian is visited by a vision of Myra, who assures him that what happened to Lily wasn't his fault and that he should focus on saving her.

When Sebastian wakes up, he finds out that Esmeralda had sacrificed herself to get him to safety. Hoffman tells him that Theodore has erected his stronghold in the center of Union. Both Sebastian and Hoffman assault Theodore's stronghold, but Hoffman is killed after helping Sebastian breach the stronghold. Sebastian then fights his way to and defeats Theodore, who is killed by Myra. However, Myra tells Sebastian to leave the STEM and leave her and Lily alone. Confused, Sebastian follows Myra to a recreation of their home.

Sebastian finally confronts Myra, whose desire to protect Lily has warped her into a monster determined to keep Lily locked in the STEM for her own safety. He reluctantly battles Myra and defeats her, knocking her back to her senses. She tells Sebastian to take Lily out of the STEM, revealing that she is planning to sacrifice herself to take Lily's place as the Core and destroy Mobius by overloading the chips in their brains that keep them connected to the STEM. Meanwhile, in the real world, Kidman is ordered by the Administrator to eliminate Sebastian. She disobeys him and helps Sebastian and Lily escape the STEM while Myra enacts her plan, killing The Administrator and all Mobius operatives. Now free from Mobius, Sebastian, Lily, and Kidman leave the facility.

In a post-credits scene, Sebastian parts ways with Kidman and goes off to live a new life with Lily. Elsewhere, an abandoned STEM terminal begins activating.

Gameplay Edit

Gameplay in The Evil Within 2 is much streamlined from the clumsy and uncomfortable mechanics of the first game. For starters, movement is greatly smoothed out, allowing Sebastian to better maneuver his surroundings either during combat or when sneaking with greater finesse. The cover mechanics from the Kidman DLCs from the first game have been implemented into this game as well, which allows Sebastian to brace against covers and even peek out at enemies and rounding corners to get away from them with ease. Gunplay is also improved as well, with a nearly tripled amount of unique firearm types compared to the first game.

Partially eschewing the linear design of the first game, The Evil Within 2 consists of several hubworlds that comprise the townscape of Union with rather great freedom, giving him much more options to go about completing his objectives while allowing for more creative opportunities with the placement of collectibles and side stories. As well as this, several side missions can be given by NPC's which will grant the player resources and even weapons for completing them.

Green Gel returns, serving the same purpose as the first game to upgrade Sebastian's stats such as movement speed, stamina maximum health and resistance to damage, as well as being able to grant new abilites such as slow down time while shooting, stealth attack from cover, and give him a chance to automatically dodge certain attacks. However it can no longer be used to upgrade weapons, instead, weapons parts can be collected to and spent to increase weapons' Firepower, Rate of Fire, Capacity and Reload Speed.

The crafting of crossbow ammunition has been expanded upon from the first game, to include crafting of all ammunition types. Each type of ammo needs specific resources. Ammo can be crafted at work benches, or in the field for a higher resource cost.

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First Person ModeEdit



The Evil Within 2 in first-person

Owing to it being developed using the idTech 5 engine, which is primarily created as a supporting platform for first-person shooters, The Evil Within 2 partially-supports a first-person camera perspective that can be toggled on and off via the developer's console.

To enable first-person mode, right-click the game in the Steam library screen, and add "+com_allowconsole 1" as a launch command. Then, while in-game, the player needs to open the developer's console by hitting the Insert key, and type in "pl_FPS 1", then hit Enter. This changes the camera perspective to first-person, and any firearm held by Sebastian will show up on the right side of the screen, though as it is only partially supported, the animations will appear weird and janky, especially when crouched and aiming due to them being viewed from an angle that was not accounted for during production.

To revert back to third-person view, simply type "pl_FPS 0" into the console and hit Enter.

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  • Unlike the first game, fire no longer serves as a weakness for enemies, however it rather ironically has become a signature of one of the games main antagonists, as well as being used psychologically against Sebastian himself.
  • The burning newspaper at the beginning of the game is seemingly based on what appears to be an early version of the original script for The Evil Within, with mentions of Sebastian obtaining his knife from a corpse and a chainsaw-wielding enemy.

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