The Executioner

Developer:Tango Gameworks
Publisher:Bethesda Softworks
Director:Shigenori Nishikawa
Engine:id Tech 5
Released:May 26, 2015
Genre:Survival Horror
Platforms:Microsoft Windows, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Media:Digital Download

The Executioner is the third DLC of The Evil Within. Set as first-person battle matches, the player takes control of a Keeper and faces many creatures and characters from the game. As enemies are defeated, coins are collected to purchase new weapons and upgrades.


The story is focused on an unknown man who is linked to MOBIUS, is connected to the STEM, and is in control of a safe headed creature known as The Keeper. The player is in search of his daughter and must follow diaries to understand the truth.  The Keeper is also given orders by MOBIUS to eliminate the other subjects within the Mansion and other locations due to their effect on his daughter.

It is revealed that most of the creatures within Ruvik's world were once patients and test subjects, twisted by the experiments of STEM. As the player kills them, the daughter's own mental degradation slows, only to suddenly pick up again, even quicker than before, which MOBIUS eventually realizes is due to the father himself reading her notes. Upon finding the daughter, a dark form detaches from the player and takes the form of the Dark Keeper, who puts her in a cage to exist within the STEM forever. The player must then destroy the Dark Keeper's head safe, damaging his own in the process until both are destroyed.

After defeating the Dark Keeper, you are released from your connection to the STEM. The last scene shows the daughter standing next to the unknown man in overalls laying in the STEM tube, now at peace and possibly surviving the mental trauma of his self-induced separation.


The gameplay is rather simple. You hit enemies with your weapons enough until they are dead or are unable to move. When the are unable to move you follow out the Execution by using a finishing blow. Most of the time when you kill enemies they drop tokens to collect, so you can use them to buy things in the shop. When you're not fighting enemies, you're smashing boxes trying to collect tokens as well.

Other then that, you mainly go around kicking down doors and using your special search sense to find hidden secrets. You also have collectibles as well, only three types this time however. The first, being your daughter's diary pages, the second, being journal pages from the other subjects in STEM with you, and the third, being mission directives from Mobius.



Throughout the course of the DLC, enemies will drop memory tokens, a currency that can be used to purchase weapons and upgrades from the shop.  The shop is represented as The Keeper's vault on a wall in certain locations.  The following items are available for purchase from the beginning:

  • Health Upgrade
  • Defense Upgrade
  • Speed Upgrade
  • Hammer Upgrade
  • Wire Traps
  • Dynamite

The following items are made available after completing certain tasks:

  • The Chainsaw - Defeat the Sadist
  • Molotov Cocktails - Defeat Joseph Oda
  • Rocket Launcher - Defeat RPG Sadist
  • Sword - Defeat Dark Keeper
  • Golden Hammer - Defeat Sebastian Castellanos - 250 tokens
  • Unlimited Ammo - Complete all Torments

Execution Chambers

Execution chambers are small challenges throughout the DLC. They are presented as portals, and once inside, The Keeper must eliminate a set amount of enemies using a combination of weapons and traps throughout the room. They are presented as a good way to get memory tokens. The enemies are:

First boss: Sadist ( Very Easy)

Second boss: Zehn (Easy)

Third boss: Joseph Oda (Medium)

Fourth boss: Amalgam Alpha (Medium)

Fifth boss: RPG Sadist (Medium)

Final boss: Dark Keeper (Hard)

Secret boss: Sebastian Castellanos (Very Hard)

Upon staring a New Game+, the Final Execution Chamber is made available near the end of the game in the mental patient ward. Inside, swarms of enemies will attack, along with several bosses from earlier. The Sadist will come first, followed by Zehn on his defeat. After Zehn is defeated, both the Sadist and RPG Sadist will attack. After their defeat, the Haunted will no longer spawn, but Joseph and Sebastian must be faced together.


There are 3 kinds of collectables your Daughter's Diaries, Mobius Directives and Torments.

Daughter's Diaries

are diaries from your daughter written to you to give some direction to where you´re going.

1 - ``Dad,

The doctor said you were going to come help me. Are you ever going to get here? There are monsters all over the place. I'm going crazy. ``

2 - ``Are all these other people alive? Are they dead? ``

3 - `` I saw some guy killing the monsters! I think I should go meet him and see what happens. He might know Dad. But just in case he's a creep I'm going to leave my letters and stuff here.``

4 - `` That guy said he was a killer and that his job was to kill monsters. He said that he was collecting those weird tokens and made me look for them, but when I tried to put one in my pocket he started screaming and got this scary look in his eyes. He might kill me if I try to run away, he might kill me if I don't.``

5 - ``Is everyone going to turn into a monster?

There was a tall guy I walked with for a while because he was lost. He said he couldn't remember where he came from.

He was always talking to his brother even though you couldn't see him. He started to freak me out so I got out of there. Then he started chasing me and, when I looked back, he was turning into one of those things.

Is that going to happen to me? This place is so weird. Everything from before I came here seems like a long time ago.``

6 - ``How did I get here anyway? I try to think, but I can't remenber. I think it was therapy, but Dad and I fought about it? He said that Ruben guy might be able to help me, but he didn't trust him. But I had to try.``

7 - ``I'm all right. The guy with glasses didn't look like anyone I should be talking to. I can still hear his laughter in my head. I don't think he knew who he was anymore. I think the trick to keeping my mind together is to think about all the stuff I'm going to do when I get out of here.``

8 -``What was my doctor doing here? I saw him walk down the hall.``

9 -``I know I must have seen all kinds of scary things, but I can't remember, so I don't feel scared at all.``

10 -``I don't know what to do. I keep forgetting Mom and Dad's names. It's happened like five times now... I can't believe I'd forget something like that. I should tattoo them on my arm or something.``

11 - `` Hey doctor, do you know my Dad?``

12 -``The shaking won't stop. I can't remember Dad's face. I'm slowly forgetting who I am. There are all those monsters around. It's like I don't even care if they get me anymore. But at least I want to see Dad one last time.``

13 -``Where did the doctor go? Everyone's gone.``

14 -``Something is getting closer. I can feel it. I guess this is it. Sorry, Dad. I know you tried.``

Mobius Directives

Are orders given to you by mobius in order to save your daughter from sinking deeper into the STEM machine.

Mobius Directive 01 -

Mobius Directive 02 -

Transcript, Subject CB-212 -

Mobius Directive 03 -

Transcript, Subject CB-207 -

Mobius Directive 04 -

Transcript, Subject CB-204 -

Mobius Directive 05 -

Transcript, Subject CB-205 -

Mobius Directive 06 -

Transcript, Subject CB-210 -

Mobius Directive 07 -

Transcript, Subject CB-209 -

Mobius Directive 08 -


Torments are ways of executing an enemy, using various weapons unlockable in the game. Working as a type of achievement, the player must complete all Torments in order to unlock Unlimited Ammo in the shop. Most of them are straightforward and involving killing enemies in certain ways. The list of Torments include:

Torment 1 - Execute a standing enemy.

Torment 2 -Execute a prone enemy.

Torment 3 -Execute an enemy caught by a barbed wire trap.

Torment 4 -Impale an enemy on wall spikes.

Torment 5 -Dismember an enemy with the chainsaw.

Torment 6 -Blow up an enemy with a stick of Dynamite.

Torment 7 -Blow up an enemy caught by a barbed wire trap with dynamite.

Torment 8 -Incinerate an enemy with a Molotov Cocktail.

Torment 9 -Incinerate an enemy caught by a barbed wire trap with an Molotov Cocktail.

Torment 10 -Blow up an enemy with the Rocket Laucher.

Torment 11 -Slay an enemy with a turret.

Torment 12 -Blow up an enemy with a flung car.

Torment 13 -Kill an enemy with an rotating blade trap.

Torment 14 -Blow up an enemy an exploding haunted.

Torment 15 -Blow up more than 1 enemy with an exploding haunted.

Torment 16 -Dismember an enemy with the sword.

Torment 17 -Execute an enemy with the sword.

Torment 18 -Clear the hidden final execution chamber.


  • Unlike the main game and the other 2 DLCs, this DLC is in First-person view instead of Third-person view (over the shoulder) and the letterboxing is disabled by default.
  • It's unclear when exactly this DLC takes place. Most likely, it takes place before Sebastian wakes up in the real world at the end of the main game and after Leslie escapes from STEM. The reasons are that:
    • The same Mobius facility shown in the main game is still used in the cutscenes of the Executioner DLC
    • Mobius Directive documents confirm Ruvik's escape into Leslie, showing that Leslie left before the events of the Executioner DLC
    • When Sebastian wakes up at the end of the main game, the facility is abandoned and Leslie has already left the facility
      • With this in mind, the question of how long Sebastian was out after Kidman freed him is brought to mind
        • At the end of the Consequence DLC, Kidman asks Myra how long it's been. Myra replies "37 minutes since the first pulse". After that, Kidman frees Sebastian so Sebastian was probably out for a couple of hours, since at the start of the main game, it was in the morning or afternoon, and at the end of the main game, it is night.

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