TEW invisible

The Invisible Haunted are a type of Haunted in The Evil Within, first encountered in Chapter 4. As the name indicates, they cannot be seen by the player. Tentacles protrude from their face and mouth, differentiating their appearance from that of a regular Haunted.

Strategies Edit

Due to invisibility, it is advised that the player pay attention to spot them, as they can deal large damage to the player when attacking.

  • Stand in a puddle of water and pay attention. You can spot their footsteps in the water and fire in that direction.
  • Pay attention to objects around you. If they move, then the Invisible Haunted has moved through there and you should shoot in that direction.
  • Look for shimmers with your lamp. If you see a shimmer try not to lose sight of it and fire away as the shimmer is the Invisible Haunted.
  • If injured, the Invisible Haunted will temporary become visible. It will also become visible right before it attacks Sebastian.
  • The Agony Crossbow sight with stop short when it is pointed at an Invisible Haunted.
  • Shooting Flash Bolt to where the Invisible Haunted is will cause it to blind and become visible. It will also be vulnerable for sneak kill, killing it instantly.
  • Melee attack will make the Invisible Haunted visible temporarily, leaving them vulnerable to attack.

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