The Patient is the fourth chapter of The Evil Within.


You start out walking forward with the doctor. Instead of following him, head left an up the little stairs to a house on stilts. Here you'll fight your first fat haunted. Wait until the enemy has burst though the door, then use a flash bolt on him for a sneak kill. Enter the house he was in and notice the chest in a corner of the room. This one is trapped with a bomb, so open the chest halfway a few times (by pressing the activate button, then letting go once the lid is raised half open) so you can disarm the bomb within like a tripwire. Grab whatever's within, then grab the map fragment and other supplies, then exit.

When you're outside a small house on the right side of the entrance, walk up onto the porch and a ghost will scream and burst through the door. Don't worry, she's harmless. When she dies, she will leave behind a puddle of Green Gel, and there are some barrels on the porch to smash. Inside, open the small cabinet to check if there is anything there, then notice the partially blocked door to the next room. Walk up to the opening and shimmy through to the other side. Here, there is a document on the bed, and some supplies to take. Shimmy back through he opening and out of the house.

You will see on the shack facing you the trademark door, signifying access to the save room. Before you open the door, grab the diary fragment off the door, then enter the room and the mirror.

There's a Missing Persons poster on the tackboard, and a newspaper on the rack. There's a map fragment on the floor in your hospital room, then watch the door to the room adjacent your open slowly. Enter, and after walking forward a little bit, a "wave" will ripple past, and another map fragment will appear on the sink. Walk all the way forward, and watch the small scene before being teleported back to reality. Use any Gel you have, save, then leave.

Head around back of the shack you just exited (entering the area from the left side), and you'll see a zombie carrying a screaming woman to a bonfire. Use a flash bolt on him to make him drop her, then sneak kill him. The lady runs off to a small shack beyond, so follow her and watch her kneel on the floor until she disappears, leaving a pool of 2,000 Gel. There is also a harpoon stuck into the table if you need one.

Don't enter the shack with scarecrows out front, yet. Instead, enter the large two-story building (the hospice) and look around. There's some ammo and Matches lying around, as well as some Gel. There's an enemy on the second floor in a room who likes to ambush you as soon as you open the door, so watch out. When you hear someone talking to himself, enter that room and you'll find the doctor's brother, who is cutting up a body. After a cinematic, you'll see that he has gone the way of the other enemies in the game, i.e., he wants nothing more than to kill you. As a fat zombie, he takes a little more ammo to kill, but, then again, you can just blind him with a flash bolt and sneak kill him, as well. After he's dead, watch the short cinematic (earning an achievement in the process), and approach the desk behind the body. Examine the x-ray, then turn around and interact with the body. Aim the Knife until the game gives the prompt, then activate it and watch the scene of getting a key. You'll also get a jump scare at the end. After fully looting the house to your heart's content, enter the house with the scarecrows out front.

You'll hear Leslie scream from the basement, but grab whatever's in the cabinet first, then head downstairs. There is a little room off to the left that has some Shotgun ammo in a silver case, and some matches and harpoons on the cages here. Grab all you can hold, then walk down the hall to the red colored room. Kick open the door and proceed until you approach Leslie in a corner. When you hear Sebastian say "Something's coming," ready your shotgun, as a new enemy type will appear. Unlike other enemies in the game, these are invisible. You can hear their footsteps, and there is a slight shimmer about them, but that's about it. He opens the door to the room, so shoot as soon as it opens. They momentarily become visible when taking damage, so you'll know when you hit them. Don't let them get close enough to grapple you, either. They have a health draining move that could very well kill you, if your health was low in the first place. Kill him, and the doctor will take Leslie from the room. Before you follow them, grab the Gel from the cabinet next to you, and whatever the zombie left behind.

In the hallway, you'll see that your exit has been blocked off. After a cinematic, walk forward until you are bowled over by a wave of blood.

When you wake up, you are in a room with plenty of dead bodies and a lake of blood. Pull the lever near the edge to drain away the blood, then hop up one of the broken staircases. Watch out for the two tripwires and bomb. There is a lever near an oil slick. Pull it once and a body will tumble out of a shoot. Pull it again and a statue will come out with a key. There are also some crates around to smash. When you are ready, head to the white door and Ruvik will appear and cause some of the bodies in the room to come to life. The door also becomes covered with blood, meaning that you can't just run away. You can run around the room, burning them with barrels and oil slicks, or you can stay by the door so they all group together and blind them with a flash bolt and sneak kill them all, but watch out for the zombie doctors, as their attacks with lobotomy tools do serious damage. You'll know when everyone is dead, as the blood vanishes from the exit.

When you walk down the hall, you will see a door to the right that you can't use right now. Continue walking forward until you come to a bloody operation room. When approaching the body in the center, a great, screaming spider-like creature will come out, so now you have to run! Get too close and she pins you and kills you. It doesn't do damage, its just a cinematic of the detective getting killed. You can line the hallway up to the room with explosive bolts to damage her as she follows you down the hall. If she dies from the bolts, she leaves behind a pool of 8,000 Gel and you can explore the room she came from freely (as well as everywhere else in the rest of the chapter), but if she doesn't, don't stay behind to try to kill her. When you're running down the hall, the door that was previously shut opens. If you killed her with bolts, no one will be there, but if you just ran, a person will come out and she will attack him, giving you more time to get away.

Keep running down the halls until you reach a large room. Press the button (if Laura is alive) to keep her out, and quickly burn the bodies, because she uses these as spawn points, and she'll appear in the room with you, which is not what you want. Scoop up the Gel, and head down the ladder. In the next hall, disarm the tripwires (or don't, but they can kill you, depending on difficulty or health), then head for the elevator. When the elevator stops on the next floor, she's back, so continue running until the game shows you a spike trap and a closing door. Run for the door and you'll just make it underneath.

Now you're at the top of a seemingly endless staircase. Walk down until you encounter Ruvik. Unlike his sister, he cannot be killed or damaged, so run! Run all the way back up to the top, and the chapter ends.

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