The mansion is a location in The Evil Within. It appears in Chapter 9. It is the former residency of the esteemed Victoriano family.

Plot Edit

The mansion is a location Sebastian Castellanos is led to by Ruvik after escaping Reborn Laura. Sebastian admits that though he's never been to the mansion before, it looks strangely familiar. Once the player finds a way inside, Sebastian sees Dr. Jimenez leading Leslie through two giant doors, shutting behind them. Sebastian runs towards the doors, only to find they are locked with some kind of puzzle. Sebastian must then find a way to open the door whilst fending off creatures and finding out more about Ruvik's childhood. Three different puzzles and locks equals three different doors. To complete the puzzle, Sebastian must get to the end of the challenges the different doors throw at him and find the head at the end of the passageways. Each time, the player must decide where to place the pin in the person's brain, in order to finish the puzzle. Much to Sebastian's horror, the person is still alive, even if they only have their head. If the player's successful, they will experience a flash back of Ruvik's childhood, seeing firsthand just how twisted he is.

Trivia Edit

  • The mansion bears a strong resemblance to the Spencer Mansion from Resident Evil.


Concept ArtEdit


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