The two Torn Letters are documents from Ruvik That are found in the two part DLC's (Assignment/Consequence) where you play as Kidman. They can be pieced together using the multiple fragments hidden throughout the games.

First letter Edit

`` I sensed it the moment Marcelo triggered the machine.

He had removed my mind from the core. He thought he figured out how to get around me, but he is such a fool. The brain is nothing but matter. My consciousness is omnipresent.

I can see them all: their memories, their thoughts... their fears.

And by pulling in so many people, I can consume them all. From the weakest first, each mind gives me more power to conquer.

Where does my world end and reality begin? From now on, that line begins to blur. ``

Second Letter Edit

`` This machine, this system… I was reborn inside and I will be reborn again. For every person STEM touches, a seed of myself will be within them. Piece by piece I will corrupt you, consume you.

I envision a world where a mere glance of the eye will allow me to spread onto the next. Just as you said, I am a ghost, but now I have a vessel in all of you

The man from Mobius… he entered here lusting for some sort of power long ago.

As for you… Kid… even if you happen to escape, I will leave my mark on you as I did to him. ``

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