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The Trauma is an enemy encountered in The Evil Within and its downloadable content The Assignment.


A tall, humanoid monster equipped with a massive clawed gauntlet. The Trauma relies on its enhanced hearing to detect enemies but will detect you if spotted alerting other trauma nearby.


It is a manifestation of the resentment Ruvik held for his father's religion that was forced upon him. This is possibly symbolized by the creature's lack of sight and how it is burdened by the wooden beam on its back.


The Trauma moves slowly but it is capable of sudden bursts of speed if it detects you. Although its attacks are relatively easy to evade, the player tends to encounter the monster in confined rooms which can make escaping it difficult. Unless the player has plenty of shotgun shells, it is not advised to fight it with standard firearms as it can absorb a huge amount of damage. Explosive bolts and grenades can be very effective

When confronting the enemy, moving slowly and making little noise will allow you to safely move around the monster without alerting it. If you do attract its attention, it will eventually return to its "patrol mode" if you can find a place to hide.

Traumas are often encountered in pairs and will attempt to double-team the player if they corner them. It is recommended to use Freeze or Shock bolts to stun one of the creatures as they can inflict a huge amount of damage if they both attack the player at the same time

The player can perform sneak kill from behind, but it will not die in one hit.

In The Assignment side story for the game, Juli will enter a room that has several Traumas in what appear to be test tubes. One breaks out of the glass and patrols the area. Juli must sneak around in the nearby hiding spots and time her movements to bypass the Trauma and get into the next room. If the Trauma reaches Juli, it has a one-hit kill move.


  • The Trauma is possibly inspired by the Garrador from Resident Evil 4, which was also directed by Shinji Mikami. Both enemies have claw appendages, are blind and hunt the player by sound.
  • A lone Trauma can briefly appear in Chapter 9: The Cruelest Intentions, before their formal introduction in Chapter 10. It can be spotted rounding a corner just after exiting Ruvik's parents' bedroom.


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