"Have I wandered into some kind of nest?"

Ulterior Motives is the fourteenth chapter of The Evil Within. Following Sebastian's encounter with Kidman and Leslie outside the hotel where they crashed, the two escape and Joseph is shot, the last Sebastian ever saw of him. Sebastian hears the high pitched side effects of STEM and falls through the ground into darkness, waking up beneath a hunk of concrete in front of a heavily damaged subway station.

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Once Sebastian frees overturns the hunk of concrete on top of him, he prays that Joseph be safe, and cautiously continues his perilous journey. Heading down a non-operational escalator into the station, Sebastian finds himself in an seemingly abandoned transit platform, looting the areas behind the counter where tickets were issued, as well as the bathrooms, near one of which was an entrance to the Safe Haven.

Heading past the turnstiles, vending machines and many movie posters, Sebastian continued down another larger set of non-operational escalators, narrowly avoiding several explosive tripwires, as well as an invisible Haunted laying on the ground, and a Ruvik Doppelganger lurking below a short set of stairs close by. Sebastian disposes of them both, and makes short work of a Haunted impaled into the wall on railroad spikes just down the stairs. After disarming a bear trap and a mine in his way, Sebastian lifts open a metal gate in his way, quickly passing through.

Sebastian finds himself on a platform above a flooded interchange, with an elaborate rope-based detection system that will go off if Sebastian attempts to sneak through, waking up a horde of Haunted, Sebastian hides in a small inactive subway nearby, looting it and using it for cover against a Haunted brandishing a sniper rifle in a much larger subway across the flooded interchange. Along with a S.W.A.T. Haunted with an assault rifle and and iron mask on higher difficulties, Sebastian defeats the sniper and another Ruvik Doppelganger and slips past the trap.

Salvaging any ammunition available on the nearby benches, Sebastian then enters the larger subway that the sniper Haunted was in, continuing all the way down it, grabbing a hefty jar of green gel and dispatching a fat Haunted and another sniper, avoiding a bear trap as well. Exiting from the side of the inactive subway into the waist-high water, Sebastian now sees what was blocking the way: another subwya, crashed into the wall. This much smaller subway car is filled with pre-placed explosive bolts, and a patrolling Haunted wielding an Agony Crossbow, whom Sebastian promtly removes by triggering a chain reaction between all of the explosive bolts.

After he makes his way out of the water and through the car, he heads past several other crashed subways in a cave-like area, entering another particular nearby subway, claiming more loot. Outside of this subway car Sebastian notices that there are large, sticky, pink pulsating clumps attached to the cave walls. He hops out of the car and over to an entrance to a sewer-like cistern, burning away the sticky gunk blocking his path. Down the stairs and around a corner, past many metal fences, one of which with an AlerEgo behind it. Sebastian disarms a tripwire blocking his path into a side-room filled with valuable gear for his adventure.

Continuing down the hallway, Sebastian notices an AlterEgo on the ground and quickly kills it before it can get up. Heading through more dank metal corridors, Sebastian deactivates a barrier of electricity with a switch and ducks below more sticky gunk. Running into more nodes of electricity blocking his path, Sebastian ducks under, causing a nearby AlterEgo to walk into the electricity, dying instantly. Another AlterEgo on the ground begins to get up, Sebastian quickly escaping under another node before it can get him. Around the corner Sebastian finds a dead end room with two tunnels low to the ground and a door to a room with another mirror in it. Sebastian sees a rat run through one tunnel, only to be enveloped by more pulsing gunk. An AlterEgo angrily bursts through a grate to the next tunnel, a second AterEgo rounding the corner as it crawls through. Sebastian stomps the creature before it can get up, quickly making his way through it, dropping over the edge and landing in waist-high water, the walls of the tunnel caked in slime and pustulating mounds of gunk. As he waded through it, an AlterEgo rounded the corner, only to be grabbed a long tentacle, pulling it back around the corner. Sebastian heard the sound of blood spurting as whatever caught the AlterEgo quickly evisceratated it.

He headed through the tunnels, past more of the slimy growths and now a few lumps of something fleshy and meat like. Heading up the steps out of the murky water and burned his way through more of the sticky pink growths blocking his path. Salvaging some items from some bins, Sebastian heads down the short hallway and back into the murky sewer water. There are pipes all along this corridor and if Sebastian doesn't notice the tripwire in his path, an electric barrier will activate, and several AlterEgos hanging by nooses will fall and come after him. If Sebastian doesn't kill them before they reach the barrier, they will electrocute the water as they die, hurting Sebastian. Sebastian wades through the corridor and up a large set of stairs, leading him into an area a few feet above a flood of sewage.

Grabbing a generator part, disabling another electric barrier, Sebastian continues along the platform, rotating a valve, causing the sewage to drain out, revealing an AlterEgo, which Sebastian escapes from through a small opening close to the ground. Dropping into a small tunnel filled with a flowing green fluid, and more gunk mired on the walls, jars of green gel even sticking out of it, Sebastian climbs another ladder and finds himself in an unleveled room with a ramp leading to a shelf and a few crates covered in tarp. Near a ladder to an exit is an AlterEgo bent down, feasting on garbage and a large tumor-like mass of meat. Out from a hole above the creature once again emerges the long tentacle that grabs hold of the AlterEgo, pulling it into the tunnel.

Sebastian quickly escapes the room up the ladder and through a large hallway. He follows it, finding himself in another room with a massive pipe heading wall to wall with a segment missing, allowing for Sebastian to walk in. Travelling through the large pipe, Sebastian burns his way past more of the strands of slime. Seeing it his only way through, Sebastian msut now squeeze his way through a tight crevice between two enermous masses of the fleshy, throbbing gunk. It closes up behind him as he makes his way to the other side, finding himself in a large area with a generator close by. To the right side of the large brick room is a boiler system, most of them having fences behind them. Sebastian peers around the thick wall of organics and sees several AlterEgos wandering around the area, and try as he might, he ends up running past them to the other end of the area, retrieving another genreator part. As he does this, the electric barriers keeping the heaps of gunk by the walls at bay deactivate, causing them to expand and spread across the room, breaking down a pole as well.

Sebastian must run through this area, fending off the AlterEgos long enough for him to crank a valve that opens the exit. On the harder difficulties, a pair of Trauma will appear in this area first, and several AlterEgos will appear after he retrieves the generator part. Once Sebastian fully rotates the valve, he escapes out an exit around several more heaps of the pulsing slime. Another AlterEgo runs around the corner and surprises him, but Sebastian quickly runs down the stairs, the entrance sealing itself off sompletely with more of the fleshy gunk. In this dimly lit area, Sebastian notices that there are several sticky, red, glowing orb-like growths protruding from the dripping gunk like coral. Sebastian, not knowing where the hissing overhead is coming from, haphazardously walks over a puddle of acidic slime, and suddenly finds himself lifted up by the tentacled creature from before, Quell. As it slowly lifts him up to the pipe it was hiding in, Sebastian pulls out a burst handgun and shoots the beast in the head three times, causing it to angrily drop him and slip away.

Sebastian gets up and makes a remark about his surroundings before searching out some hidden items and walking up another set of stairs to the final area within the sewers. Sebastian picks up a large quantity of ammunition sitting on a cart and continues down a path, noticing a wire fenced-off arena area to the right of him. As he follows a pipe railing to the left of him, he comes to a generator, which is, in it's current state, broken down. Sebastian heads past an open construction elevator and to a electrical wiring panel, where he inserts the first two generator parts. A few feet to the right of the panel is the third piece, which Sebasian promptly retrieves and inserts into the proper spot. As Sebastian, now exhausted, goes over to begin activating the generator, Quell siezes his chance, and reveals himself camouflaging to the wall, instantly catching Sebastian in his grip. Lifting him up and hissing in his face, Sebastian quickly pulls out a burst handgun again and shoots it in the face. Quell hisses once more, slamming Sebastian through the fence and into a stone pillar. Had Sebastian hit his head on the pillar he most surely would've recieved critical brain damage, lying helpless as Quell finished him off, but he gets to his feet the best he can and throws everything he's got at Quell, who finally drops down to finish up his work.

During the battle Quell makes excellent use of the environment he lives in, oftentimes confusing Sebastian by hiding inside of pipes in the ceiling or clinging to the wall and turning invisible, periodically releasing large slugs that will search Sebastian out and attampt to finish him off. If the beast presses itself to the floor and Sebastian steps on him, or gets to close during the battle, Quell will instantly grab him and unhinge it's jaw which snaps forward, crushing Sebastian's head to pieces. As Sebastian battles Quell, the creature will also make use of purple ink, which it sprays at Sebastian through the air in a similar manner to an octopus, which is known for using ink as an escape method. As Sebastian dizzily stumbles around out of the ink, Quell will usually charge at Sebastian along the floor, knocking him down. During battle, Quell will also slide around to avoid bullets, and whip at Sebastian with it's long tentacles, and sometimes sneak upbehind him.

Sebastian eventually finishes Quell off with his magnum, the creature writhing around for a few moments before it stops moving, materializing into more blood cells that travel to the elevator. With all threats seemingly out of his way, Sebastian proceeds to activate the generator, and steps into the elevator.

Once the elevator reaches the top floor, Sebastian steps out, finding himself in the exit to the caves. Sebastian grabs a few more items stashed in the sticky sludge, most likely the work of Quell. As Sebastian steps outside the cave, he finds himself right near the crashed subway car that Joseph had pointed out earlier. Before Sebastian enters steps through the water running off the top of the cave and onto the subway, he witnesses the carnage of his home city at night, a casino collapsing into another building. On the subway bridge, Sebastian grabs some shotgun shells and kills a Haunted that jumps out at him, and as he walks through it, the air turns purple, and a girder smashes through the side of the car, the word "you" written across it in blood. As sebastian hops over it, another one appears, which reads, "will". Sebastian ducks under it and makes it a few more feet before the last one crashes through, reading "suffer". Sebastian turns around, and Ruvik appears, causing the subway to begin to collapse. Sebastian picks up his speed and charges through the subway as everything breaks behind him, making a leap for it at the exit so that Ruvik doesn't get him, and doing a somersault through the floor, which knocks him out and teleports him in front of Beacon Mental Hospital.

Judging by the sky, it can be presumed the entire ordeal took several hours.

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  • While the developers didn't exactly go into depth about details on Ulterior Motives in the The Art of The Evil Within, they did include a few nice pictures.
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