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  • Ancientrock

    Okay, so we know know the ages of the main cast, right? Sebastian's 40, Joseph is 33, and Juli's 27. But what we don't know is their DOB (date of birth). Using the magic of MATH (kinda sorry, but I'm very sarcastic), I have used a calculator to figure out their ages.

    Now, I'm using the year "The Evil Within" came out, so 2014. Using this, we can figure out the years people where born. Sebastian was born in 1974, as last year, we are guessing he would've gone over the hump (hill? Anyways, he would've turned 40). Joseph would've been born in 1981. Juli, according to her age, would've been born only six years after Joseph, 1987.

    Now, we can look at the age of Ruvik and Leslie, just for the hell of it.

    I'm going to use the latter of the two, just…

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