Hey, guys. It's come to my attention that there's still a bit of a dispute regarding her status.

Now, people who think she's alive refer to an in game newspaper article saying she survived the fire. There is no question about that. She definitely survived the fire at the estate. (Newspaper Article )

HOWEVER, in addition to that, the in-game model viewers (they are canon because they came from the actual game just like the newspapers, not the artbook) mentions that she was 17 at the time of death. (Laura's Model Viewer )

So what does this mean? She survived the fire, yes. Definitely. But only to die later while she was still 17. There is no canon given reason for her death. But the game does explicitly say she is dead (the model viewer says so) at age 17. Not from the fire. But she died somehow. We can only speculate how she actually died, but it's not so suprising given she was burned from head to toe and left in a vegetative state. It's a logical conclusion from the facts given to us by the game.

So long story short, the game told us she survived the fire, but died eventually (not immidiately, hence why Ruvik did mention he knows she was alive after the fire) at the age of 17. If I am missing ANY articles or confirmation from the game creators that said she was alive and that the Model Viewer was wrong, please tell me? And if you have any other supporting evidence that says she's still alive, feel free to discuss.

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