• Tails92601

    Hello to the people who never visit this wiki oddly. I have recently began playing The Evil Within, and so far enjoying it. Im at Chapter 3 with only 2 deaths so far on Survival. :)

    Anyway, I really may not ever get a single reply on this, but I'd really like a change for this wiki so that it isn't "just a site people refer to." Not that I'm an admin, but several changes would be best:

    -Achievements, achievments; there needs achievement guides on here, or an achievment/trophy page that people can refer to and get a clear guide on how to earn an specific kind.

    -Why is the Burst Handgun page empty? It had content once, and now it's gone. Fix it if you can; Im just starting, and it might take a few weeks for me to get it.

    -A difficulty page would…

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