Hello to the people who never visit this wiki oddly. I have recently began playing The Evil Within, and so far enjoying it. Im at Chapter 3 with only 2 deaths so far on Survival. :)

Anyway, I really may not ever get a single reply on this, but I'd really like a change for this wiki so that it isn't "just a site people refer to." Not that I'm an admin, but several changes would be best:

-Achievements, achievments; there needs achievement guides on here, or an achievment/trophy page that people can refer to and get a clear guide on how to earn an specific kind.

-Why is the Burst Handgun page empty? It had content once, and now it's gone. Fix it if you can; Im just starting, and it might take a few weeks for me to get it.

-A difficulty page would be nice, such as giving a brief description of how Casual affects gameplay.

- More life is needed to this wiki. Why isn't it that people don't visit here? Probably because they don't find much info here, and rely on walkthroughs instead.

And there is so much more too. What I would like is the wiki to be entirely informative, instead of an "Well what is this one thing? Oh, I can't find info on it. Oh well..." Situation.

Thanks, A wikia person.

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