Valerio Jimenez is a character and a doctor who appears in The Evil Within. He is the brother of Marcelo Jimenez and was Leslie Withers' original doctor.

The Evil WithinEdit

During the game he is encountered as one of the Haunted. Once Sebastian and Jimenez enter a new area Jimenez says it's called the Hospice and that his brother lived there. Jimenez went looking for Valerio to help them and give them shelter. Instead he is found Valerio carving up a body. When Sebastian approaches, he then turns hostile. Sebastian has to kill Valerio as he is no longer himself but rather a dangerous haunted. Then Sebastian can choose to cut open the patient to get a key.

Afterword Sebastian gets a Ruvik headache and a flashback of Valerio's transformation appears; Valerio is seen screaming maniacally about an 'itch' located on the left temple of the head, which he frantically scratches open. Valerio is seen with red veins all over his body like other haunted and basically mutilates a part of himself by scratching open a good portion of his head.





  • Valerio is the only haunted that is heard speaking in the main game, as he sings before the player angers him. The other would be Oscar Connelly, whom speaks to Kidman in the beginning of The Assignment.
  • Compared to his brother, Valerio is rather overweight/ plump.