Weapons are used by Sebastian Castellanos as his primary means to defend himself throughout The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2. 

The Keeper has a wide array of weapons at his disposal as well in The Executioner

Juli Kidman also uses weapons, albeit very briefly, in The Assignment, The Consequence and The Evil Within 2

Ammunition for all weapons is scarce, requiring the player to be frugal with their resources. 

Damage MechanicsEdit

By default, a weapon deals 100% of its damage per non-headshot at an enemy. Various factors can add to or subtract from this percentage.

  • Shooting an enemy anywhere but the head: 100% damage
  • Shooting an enemy's head: +50% to base damage
  • Shooting a burning enemy or an enemy in mid-animation: -50% base damage
  • Shooting an enemy stunned with Flash or Shock bolt: -50% base damage


  • Examples of an enemy in mid-animation: The Sadist revving his chainsaw, Laura spawning out of a corpse, etc...
  • "Burning enemy" generally applies to bosses/minibosses only, as lesser enemies tend to die instantly when burned.
  • Freeze bolts don't reduce incoming damage.
  • Harpoon bolts' Level 5 fire damage upgrade does not apply to bosses/minibosses.
  • Damage dealt is unchanged regardless of angle (i.e. a masked Haunted takes the same damage when shot at from both the front and rear).

The Evil Within Edit

The Evil Within features a total of ten firearms, with the Agony Crossbow featuring seven types of bolts. Various melee and temporary weapons are available, along with matches that can be used to burn downed enemies.

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The Assignment Edit

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The Consequence Edit

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The Executioner Edit

Weapons Edit

  • Hammer
  • Golden Hammer
  • Sword
  • Chainsaw

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The Evil Within 2 Edit

The Evil Within 2 features a higher variety of weapons and weapon types for use by Sebastian. There's a total of thirteen firearms along with nearly all the standard melee and temporary weapons from the first game.

Legend: Base Game, New Game+ unlock, Pre-order exclusive

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