Weapons are used by Sebastian Castellanos and Juli Kidman to defend themselves from The Haunted throughout The Evil Within, briefly in The Assignment, and in The Consequence

The main game features nine firearms, a crossbow with five types of bolts, three melee weapons, grenades, and also matches that can be used to burn downed enemies. The Fighting Chance Pack brings the number of firearms to ten and number of bolt types to seven. Ammunition for all weapons is scarce, requiring the player to be frugal with their resources.

In The Assignment, Juli briefly uses a handgun to defend herself when pinned beneath rubble, but can only uses axes throughout the DLC to kill Haunted. It is seen in the trailer for The Consequence that Juli can now use her pistol throughout the DLC.

The Evil Within Edit

Firearms Edit

Melee / Temporary Weapons Edit

The Assignment Edit

Firearms Edit

Melee / Temporary Edit

The Consequence Edit

Firearms Edit

Melee / Temporary Edit

  • Axe

1 Temporary weapon

2 Only used briefly in the DLC.

The Executioner Edit

Weapons Edit

  • Hammer
  • Golden Hammer
  • Sword
  • Chainsaw

Traps/Others Edit

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